Friday, July 17, 2009

Sherine Farouq Salem

Sherine Farouq Salem Biography
Full name : Sherine Farouq Salem
Assumed name : Sherine Wagdy
Birthdate: April 00 1978
Horoscope : Aries
Birthplace: Cairo, Egypt
Nationality: Egyptian
Education: Music
Work: Singer


After graduating from the Faculty of Arts, English Department, Sherine Farouk Mohamed Salem, AKA Sherine Wagdy, went on singing as a hobby till the famous radio presenter Wagdy Al-Hakim heard her and decided she had real talent. Later on he adopted her as a singer and hence she started to assume his name to become Sherine Wagdy. The Egyptian media acknowledged her talent soon after and since then Sherine has been taking steady steps towards stardom.

Her music career actually started 15 years ago with the release of her first album "Al-Nos Al-Helw". Her second and third albums; "Sadakni" and "Ma'darsh followed soon after and were both quite a success. Then the young singer headed for the television and decided to try out acting. She got a role as Almaz in the famous television series "Bawabet El-Halawani". The series was a big hit and she proved she had the talent to both sing and act!

That was not Sherine's only role in television series though; she also appeared in "Hekayet Kol Bent", "Abou Kassem El-Tanboury"and "Zokak El-Sendkdar". She also took part in children's series like "Ye'esh Yamesh" with the esteemed comedian; Fouad El-Mohandes, and the national movie "El-Tareek Ela Elat". Sherine then decided to invade the theater and went on from a role in "El-Sendebada El-Bahreya" to roles in "Fares wa Gamila" and "Elli Bana Masr". The talented star then landed roles in the Ramadan television Fawazeer "Keys We Laila" and "Tarabestan".

Although she was quite successful till then and had accomplished a lot, it was her album "Law Bena Eh" that gave her a real chance to make herself known among the new generations. The album was released in the year 2002 and was closely followed by its fabulous video clip. Then came the next album "Wala Leyla" and a role in the radio series "Masr Italia we Bel'aks" with Mostafa Amar in 2003.

Her latest album "Kol Dah", in Various Y, was more than just a hit; its popularity spread fast among the young generations and featured Sherine Wagdy in a new and modern look. The clip of the title song was just as successful and popular as the album.

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