Sunday, May 23, 2010

Han Go Eun : South Korean : Model, Actress

Han Go Eun is a South Korean actress currently managed by SidusHQ. She debuted as an entertainer in a CF for KFC in 1997. Since then she has become a model and actress. Most notably, she played the sexy role of Vivian Castle in A Man Called God, a 2010 Korean Drama series. With her dark eye makeup and seductive role, she's being hailed as one of Korea's sexiest actresses. Also in the series, she revealed her sexy back, prominently showing off a snake tattoo with an undecipherable description. Due to her tattoo, media have been calling her South Korea's "Angelia Jolie," referencing to Jolie's similar back tattoo. 


Sorry for the City (2009)
City of the Rising Sun (1998) 

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