Saturday, February 26, 2011

Go Wild West

Miss strutting around town in your cowboy boots and a belt with a heavy shiny buckle channelling Madonna's look circa 2000? Well it's just about time time to pull them back out of the closet since Wild West is all the rage again. Want proof?

Exhibit A: RALPH LAUREN spring/summer 2011 collection
A new twist on the classic cowboy style, mixing rusty leather and fringe with shiny metallic fabrics and demure high-neck chiffon dresses that all the decent ladies wore at the time.

An unexpected sci-fi take on a Western, in which Daniel Craig's mystery cowboy (appropriately named Jake Lonergan) appears out of nowhere wearing a wicked bracelet-like gadget on his left hand, which proves effective against an alien army which is just about to descent on unsuspecting small town. Harrison Ford, Sam Rockwell and Olivia Wilde come along for the ride. To be released this summer.

Exhibit C: "RANGO"
A Western-style cartoon starring a hapless chameleon named Rango with Johnny Depp's voice who walks into a town in the middle of the desert and finds himself an unlikely hero and the only hope for the local animal community in a war against nasty predators. So far looks to be original and totally hilarious. Coming in March.

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