Sunday, March 13, 2011

Avril Lavigne is back: "What the Hell"?

Just watched AVRIL LAVIGNE's newest video for "WHAT THE HELL" - the first single from her latest album - "GOODBYE LULLABY" and ... can't say that I'm impressed. I mean it's a fun, entertaining and danceable pop song, but it's been four years since her latest release, "The Best Damn Thing," so one couldn't help expecting a change. Well, ff there is one here, it's not too obvious. Avril clearly has no intention of coming back to her punk rock roots as in her first two albums, staying firmly on the pop-princess track. I mean sure, she's still trying to maintain that "rebel teen" image: in the video she's making her poor boyfriend chase her across town while she hijacks a taxi and plays basketball with the big boys - 'cause she's so free spirited and stuff. But come on, she even released her own perfume which she shows off in the said video - how BRITNEY is that???
I mean I've never been her biggest fan or anything, but I do miss Avril circa her debut CD "Let Go." Check out one of her first ever singles, "LOSING GRIP," to see what I mean.

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