Saturday, April 21, 2007

Peemai Sumomrat Wattanaselarat Sexy Teen Girl.

I have no idea what her last name is. But “Peemai” in Thai actually translates to “New Year”. So the next time you’re in Bangkok and celebrating Songkran, you can say to a Thai person “Sawasdee Peemai”.

Happy new year. There you go, learned something new didn’t ya.

Paula Taylor Methinee Kingpayome Lookkade Chiaki Kuriyama เจี๊ยบ พิจิตตรา Bongkoj Kongmalai Tuk แตงโม ลูกตาล โอ๋ Lila Boonyasak Sririta Jensen Marsha Wattanapanich Pim รุ่งระวี กิ๊บซี่ น้องพริก Araya A Harget Chompoo Sonia Couling Pim ปอย-ปวีณา ซาร่า

Buachompoo Ford Bua Cathareeya English Cat Suvanant Kongying Kob อุ้ม-ลักขณา ไอซ์ ภราดร นาตาลี Kathaleeya McIntosh Mam Inthira Charoenpura Sai Sunisa Jett Vicki Alisha Laisattruklai Ann น้องพริก-กานต์ชนิต ชำมะกุล Sara Malakul Lane SaraPattarathida Patcharaweerapong Tangmoใหม่ วิกกี้ สุนิสา

Kratae Supaksorn Chaimongkol Sexy in Bikini.

Thai model Supaksorn Chaimongkol, nickname Kratae (means chipmunk) is still pretty hot these days. She's been on the cover of Image magazine, been in the Thai news and gossip columns, and done several movies, the most recent Chai Lai (English title Dangerous Flowers).

She's quite the hottie, as you can see in some of the photos like that cover shot and some of the ones below. She did some cheesecake shots in bikinis that were quite revealing of her ample bust. And by the looks of it I would guess she has had substantial breast augmentation, although there have been no rumors or other corroberation of that theory.

The movie directors take advantage of her curves in her movies roles, placing her in compromising situations where she has to do action scene while not properly attired.

And all the photographers love her too, shooting her with her shirt open and her bra-filling figure prominently on display, at least when she isn't running around in a bikini that is falling off.

++Aum Patcharapa Sexy Star of Thailand++

Patcharapa Chaichuea, nicknamed Aum, has been one of the hottest stars in Thailand for a couple of years. She is always cast in sexy roles on TV soaps. And she frequently appears in provocative photo layouts in all the fashion and gossip magazines.

So when it came time for FHM's sexiest Asian babes she was a natural for Thailand, and was voted number one. I've been collecting some of her better photos for a while so enjoy the browsing by clicking on the thumbs below. The newer (to me at least) photos are at the top of the collection.

Aum in her standard type of shot showing lots of skin. Here she is busting out of a low cut black top. That top must be pretty tight to push her up and out like that because we have seen her many times in photos and live appearances on TV and she is a skinny girl without a lot of bust.

The outfits help her, and probably some makeup applied to enhance the appearance of cleavage.

miss thailand 2007 อั้ม พัชราภา ไชยเชื้อ praiya suandokmai DOME Yoko ปู ไปรยา Matsugane Youko Matsugane blogspot waka inoue new นาเดีย japanese hotties yaya ปอย ying 18 years sexy photo ลิเดีย natalie glebova actress clip ตั้ก บงกช คงมาลัย chaimongkol miss 2007 star gril ทาทายัง suandokmai univers hot prik xxl photos years นาตาลี เกียโปว่า gelbova japanese nadia ซ่าซ่า show big magazine พิม แก้ว น้ำหวาน pimmada praiya pim

++Poei Panward Hemmanee++Sexy Thai Star***

Another very cute Thai actress. Her name is Panward Hemmanee, nickname Poei. She has been appearing on some of the TV soaps as well as some entertainment events like the TV Pool '70's party.

Panward has also become quite popular at the Bangkok night clubs where she makes appearances now and then.

Panward takes a bath
Another one of those fun little promotional events. This one was for some spa products and featured Panward taking a bath in one of the merchant's tubs. Nothing too revealing of course. Just good clean fun. The pix were up on the forums and apparently came from the Siam Dara website, hence the big ugly red and white logo plastered across the photos.

Panward in M magazine
M magazine did a great job shooting Panward. She look so cute and adorable in this photo set. They have a short interview as well in which she talks a little about what is happening with her, and her very busy schedule, plus the anxiously awaiting the release of the remake of Bangkok Dangerous called Big Hit in Bangkok with Nicolas Cage.

Panward in Maxim magazine Thai edition
She says she never used to think of herself as sexy. In fact when she was young she was chubby and had a big round face. But she's grown up now and has made the cover of Maxim magazine Thai edition. She didn't have to diet. She just had to grow into those extra pounds. And if there is any baby fat left it just adds to her impish look that somehow makes her so appealing and popular.

VJ-Ja natthaweeranuch thongmee Sexy in Summer Holiday

Thai actress Natthaweeranuch Thongmee was voted number 5 sexiest woman in the world 2006 by FHM Thai edition readers. I don't get it. I have seen very little of her, only her appearance in a Thai horror movie called Shutter.

She plays Jane, who, with boyfriend Than played by Australian-Lao actor Ananda Everingham, hit a woman while driving, killing her and then leaving the scene. Later, strange lights and shadows start showing up on photos they take, which turn out to be the face of the dead woman. It's a typical Thai horror flick.

And Natthaweeranuch wasn't particularly hot looking in it. So what is up with her being voted number five in the line up?

In the December issue of FHM Thai edition she was voted "Sexiest VJ" and some of the photos from that layout are included below.

That job explains her getting so many votes in the sexiest women in the world voting. Viewers became familiar with her acting all cute while introducing music videos.

++Ice Apinda++Beauty Girl Thai**

There's a new hottie Thai actress on Thai TV with the impossible name of Aphisatha Khrueakhongkha. Thank goodness for nicknames. Hers is Ice. She's on the soap called Miraculous Heart, or something like that.

That's my translation of the show's Thai name. They might have given it a different English title that I am not aware of. Anyway, Ice plays a bad girl type and they always have her dressed and acting a little sleazy.

So of course the gossip magazines picked up on her image right away and have been dogging her about what her personal life is really like.

New hottie Thai actress Ice Aphisatha Khrueakhongkha

++Aey Pornthip++Sexy bikini fashion**

**Jib-PonkChut++Thai Pretty Girls++