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Anita Mui

Anita Mui Yim Fong

Anita Mui Yim Fong Biography
Name: Anita Mui Yim Fong
Origin Hong Kong
Born October 10, 1963
Hong Kong
Died December 30, 2003 (aged 40)
Hong Kong
Other name(s) 阿梅 (Ah Mui)
梅姐 (Mui Je; lit. Big Sister Mui)
Occupation Singer, actress
Genre(s) Cantopop
Label(s) Capital Artists
Music Nation Group
Years active 1982 – 2003

Anita Mui Yim Fong

Anita Mui Yim-fong was a popular Hong Kong singer and actress. During her prime years she made major contributions to the cantopop music scene, while receiving numerous awards and honours. She remained an idol through out most of her career, and was generally regarded as a cantopop diva. Once she held a sell-out concert at Hammersmith, England, where she was dubbed the title "Madonna of Asia". That title has stayed with her throughout her career, and has been used as a comparison for both Eastern and Western media.

Anita Mui Yim Fong

In the 1980s the gangtai style of music was revolutionized by her wild dancing and femininity on stage. She was famous for having outrageous costumes and also high powered performances. Her fanbase reached far beyond Hong Kong, and into many parts of Asia including Taiwan, People's Republic of China, Singapore, Malaysia as well as the overseas market. In the Hong Kong entertainment industry where stars often come and go, Mui was able to remain a major star in the spotlight for 20 years. Her career only came to a stop in 2003 when she was suddenly diagnosed with cervical cancer, passing away at only the age of 40.

Even so, her music and film legacy continues to live on. Her success reached well beyond that of the entertainment circle with humanitarian work, donations and charities that played a major role in helping society even well into the present day.

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Genetic Tattoo

Currently people get a tattoo, which is cut into their skin and then perhaps colored in. Body Art is a way to self-express one’s self and there is probably no better way to make a statement about your individuality than with a personalized tattoo. In the future there will be genetic tattoos, which will keep your tattoo perfectly the same for your natural life. You will be able to get translucent skin with a deep tissue tattoo which can be a three dimensional tattoo similar to a hologram. You will be able to get any color found anywhere in nature and you can choose what you would like.

Genetic Tattoos will be available within the next couple of decades, the first ones will be used to indicate security clearances for secret government and military operations and then later these technologies will pass into the private sector thru medical transfer technologies and then into Tattoo Parlors with these specialized Genetic Tattoo machines. Dads can get the family portrait on the insides of the forearms and never need to dig into their wallet for motivation or a reminder of why they do what they do. Veterans will never forget the fallen comrades and anyone who wishes to say anything can say it permanently in style with a 3D genetic tattoo. Think on this.

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3D Tattoos Available Soon Says Futurist

A futurist recently stated in an online think tank that he believed that genetic 3D tattoos maybe possible within the next couple of decades. He went onto predict that the use of cell expression, cell coating and genetic modification using the latest cutting edge discoveries would indeed aid in the process. The Futurist was latter asked about uses for such a novelty and claimed that such advances in tattoo research would have valuable application in security and military as well as the current and most common use of tattoos; individuality and self expression.

A fellow thinker online stated that; “3-D genetic tattoos can be used for identification purpose instead of finger printing the hologram will absorb and reflect a certain combination of wavelength which can be recognised or sensed by a biosensor or a DNA chip having the same sequence of that person.”

The futurist answered in reply; “Well yes, I was watching a discovery channel special on Tattoos in Russian Gulag and Tattoos are used by gangs for affiliation identification and people use them for self-expression of individualism and identity, you are long the lines of my thinking. I was merging many topics into one. But also realizing that this is 20-years out for human scientists currently. You will find many original thoughts of mine on this website, based loosely on scientific discoveries or trends, which indicate potential eventualities of future events.”

Imagine a future with 3D Tattoos on humans with areas of translucent skin, tattoos which could be turned on or off by frequency switches. Incredible thoughts indeed and worthy of mention as it appears it will be not only a bright and colorful future, but one in 3D. Consider all this in 2006.

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Tamara Blezinsky Hot Sexy with Bikini

Indonesian hot and beautiful actress Tamara Blezinsky in a hot “Air Terjun Pengantin” film Capture. She look so sweet, hot and sexy laying down on a bed. I Bet all of you man, will imagine you at her side at that time.

Born in Bandung, 25th December 1974 this woman is well known as the most beautiful Indonesian actress. She has a mixed heritage from her parents who came originally from Poland and her strong heritage made her family oftenly invited with the Poland embassy for many occasions. It is no surprise as well that this girl has a great feature with height 175 cm, tall enough comparing to the other Indonesian ladies. She was married and having one son recently. With a good proportion, features, and face this lovely Indonesian young woman is chosen to be our last Indonesian Beauty representative.

Hot photo from indonesian hot actress and indonesian Celebrity. this ia a Sexy photo and Foto Seksi from indonesian Beautiful actress and Hot Indonesian Model Tamara Blezinsky. This Photo from New Indonesian Film or Film Air Terjun Pengantin. Sexy Bikini and Hot Girl also Sexy Indonesian Girl.


Tamara Blezinsky Sexy Bra

Learning to Tattoo

Now that tattoos have become such a popular thing among people of all ages, it is becoming difficult to find somebody who does not have a tattoo. Due to the fact that they are now mainstream, each day more people have ambitions to become a tattoo artist. Most people who decide they want to learn how to tattoo think the best way to learn is to purchase their very own tattoo machine, and it has become very easy and very inexpensive to buy one.

If you are planning to buy yourself a tattoo machine and teach yourself how to be a tattoo artist, it is essential that you understand more about how the tattoo industry works. You should know that the proper way learn how to tattoo is to get a traditional apprenticeship, and if you try to get hired at a tattoo shop without having served as an apprentice chances are the tattoo artists there will not accept you because you have not yet paid your dues. Most established tattoo artists to not like when somebody thinks that they can teach themselves something what took them years to learn.

After informing you that to learn to tattoo properly and safely you need to obtain an apprenticeship, now it is okay to let you know that purchasing a tattoo machine early on is not a bad idea, but only if you go about using it the right way. To get a feel for tattooing prior to making the commitment of paying to learn from the pros, you might want to buy an inexpensive tattoo kit, but you must not tattoo people!

What you should do is purchase some fake skin that is now available for tattoo artists to practice on. Although their is nothing that acts just like human skin, this fake skin is probably the next closest thing. If you practice on this fake skin and learn some basic skills through trial and error, an established tattoo artist might be more apt to hiring you on as an apprentice.

You might be curious about where you should go in order to purchase a tattoo machine. The best place is probably a tattoo supply shop online, or possibly even ebay. Years ago I bought my first tattoo kit on Ebay for no more than a few hundred dollars and it worked great for quite a few years. You will also have to purchase some sterile and disposable needles and tubes, and make sure that with every use you dispose of each needle and tube properly to get into the habit of being as safe as possible.

In conclusion, this article was meant to dispose of the common misconception that you can pick up a tattoo machine and immediately start tattooing people with some basic art skills. This is dangerous and irresponsible thinking and any tattoo artist would be insulted because what they do is a skill that they have learned and perfected through many years of teachings. Do not make the mistake of thinking all that you need to do is buy a tattoo kit and you are now a tattoo artist, it just does not work that way.

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Anita Lee Yuen Wah

Anita Lee Yuen Wah
Anita Lee Yuen Wah Biography
* English Name: Lee, Anita (English)
* Pinyin Name: Li, Wanhua
* Vietnamese Name: Ly Uyen Hoa
* Nationality: Hong Kong
* Birthday: N.A.
* Place of Birth: Hong Kong
Activities : Actress (21)

Anita Lee Yuen Wah
Anita has been acting in some mainland Chinese movies and TV dramas between 1998-2000. Recently, she's been back in HK, working as a DJ and recently told the press that by doing so she has forfeited a large amount of money.
Anita Lee Yuen Wah

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Amber Kuo CaiJie

Amber Kuo CaiJie
Amber Kuo CaiJie Biography
Name: Amber Kuo CaiJie
Birthday: February 19, 1986
Birthplace: Taiwan
Height: 158 cm

Amber Kuo CaiJie

Amber Kuo CaiJie

Friday, November 27, 2009

Buy Tattoo Designs - Simple Steps

If you are looking to buy tattoo designs, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. As you already know, tattoo designs can have a great deal of personal meaning, so it is important to think about how you feel and what your relationship is to the personal design.

Make sure you know what you are getting in to and take some time to really communicate your own ideas about what you want.

Firstly, when you are looking to buy tattoo designs, remember that you will need to think about size. The larger a tattoo is, the more detail you can have; you'll find that a sleeve or a chest piece will allow you a great deal more detail than a piece that is only two or thee inches square. This holds true, and while some tattooists have made a real name for themselves with doing fine detail work, it is important to remember that this rule will hold true, and a good tattooist will tell you what can and cannot last.

The time right after your tattoo has been inked is when it will look the sharpest and the clearest; after that, especially if the lines are very fine, the ink might start to bleed a little.

Secondly, when you buy tattoo designs, remember that color is a concern. White ink is something that is often quite problematic when it comes to people who have darker skin, whether they are of African or Asian descent. People who have fair or pale skin usually have a great deal more luck when it comes to white ink sticking to them. If you have darker skin, you will want to rethink your design or speak with your tattooist to see what can be done.

Finally, when you buy tattoo designs, remember that your tattooist will have their own style. Take some time to take the design that you have bought to various tattoo places, and before you commit to anything, ask to to see their portfolios. Your best option is to take some time and find the tattooist whose style best matches that of your design, whether you have an interest in tribal art, floral scrolling or fine graywork. Really communicate with them, and when it doubt, remember that you can always get a second opinion.

When it comes to tattoo designs, remember that you have many options to choose from. Think long and hard and make sure that you are buying the one that is right for you.

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Where to Buy Tattoo Designs on the Internet

The phrase, "tattoo designs", is one of Google's top 200 most searched phrases on the net. So, as you'd expect, there are plenty of tattoo sites and galleries, some good, most bad. When looking to buy tattoo designs on the web there are a few things you should know. This article explains what.

If you want buy designs online there are two basic options: members-only websites or downloads. Membership sites, like Chopper or Tattoo Me Now, give members full access to their gallery and resources. This can be monthly or a one-time payment for life access. Joining a members-only site will enable you to view tattoos and print them off. New designs are added to these collections and they can include features such as a community forum, members' area and resource library. This is a good choice if you need tattoo ideas.

Downloads give you the whole collection to be saved onto your computer for a one-time payment. Usually this is instant. You can buy an individual design as in the case with Tattoo Johnny or an entire collection, like Crazy Tattoo Designs. This has the advantage of being yours to keep, but it is simply a collection or gallery without any extras. Usually with an entire collection you will have to browse page by page as there is no search option, though categories such as tribal, butterfly, etc, may be saved in different files.

One thing to do if you want to buy tattoos online is to find out what others who have paid for them think. Check out forums and feedback left on the net. Post a new thread if you need to. These, the ones who have used them, are the people to listen to.

When you come across a site that looks interesting the obvious thing is to have a look at the designs available on the website. A quality site is going to show you at least a few tattoos unless they think you'll be put off by them. So this can be a good indication of what to expect. But don't expect to see many, they won't want others getting the artwork free.

Finally, find out if there is some kind of guarantee. If there is, it is in their interests to give you what you are paying for. This is a good indication of a quality site.

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Yukie Kawamura

Yukie Kawamura
Yukie Kawamura Biography
* Name: Kawamura Yukie (川村ゆきえ)
* Real name: Kawamura Yukie (川村雪恵 - different spelling)
* Birthdate: January 23, 1986
* Birthplace: Hokkaido
* Blood Type: O
* Height: 158cm
* Bust: 90cm
* Waist: 60cm
* Hips: 87cm
* Hobbies: Sewing, being in her room, volleyball

Yukie Kawamura

Yukie made her debut as a gravure idol in 2003. Due to being in Seikore 2003, Yukie's popularity quickly rose and she is now as well-known as other gravure idol greats like Wakatsuki Chinatsu and Anzu Sayuri. She has released a number of DVDs and photobooks and has appeared in gravure magazines like Sabra numerous times.

Yukie Kawamura
Yukie Kawamura

In 2005, Yukie's activities were put on hold due to some issues involving copyrights and contracts when switching talent agencies. She has since been able to resume her job; Yukie released a DVD in March 2006 marking her return.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Shoulder Tattoo Designs Aren't Just For Men Anymore

Prior to fifteen years ago, shoulder tattoos for women weren't very popular. Back then if a woman got a tattoo it was usually on the ankle, near the belly button, or on her wrist. The options for today's woman are more open than they were twenty years ago. Women are now getting tattoos in places they would have never dreamed of before, like on the back of their neck, lower back, or even their shoulders.

Shoulder tattoos are getting more and more popular with today's women. There are a wide variety of sexy tattoo designs for women to get on that especially beautiful part of the body these days, and shoulder tattoos are very diverse. They can be in different areas of the shoulder and there are a wide variety of designs that can work for any woman.

There are two areas on the shoulder that can be classified as a shoulder tattoo: on the back of the shoulder on or near the shoulder blade, and on the upper arm. Getting a tattoo on either part of the shoulder looks good, and they are both easily hidden in instances where having one is not appropriate.

Men have traditionally had more aggressive designs on the shoulder area. Skulls, tigers, and drags are popular designs for men's shoulders and upper arms. However, women's designs are much less aggressive and more feminine and sexy. Shooting stars, dolphins, tribal designs, and zodiac symbols are all very popular designs for a woman's shoulder. They all project a different image, depending on the woman. For example, a Dolphin design give a sense of playfulness and beauty, while a woman with her zodiac on display shows that she is proud of who she is. Choosing which shoulder tattoo design is right yields a lot of choices.

Getting a tattoo on your shoulder is a little more bold than having one on the ankle or somewhere else. A shoulder tattoo, even if it's very cute, shows that the woman with it has confidence in herself. With men it's all about looking macho, but a woman having one is empowering and shows that she is not afraid to be herself, even if it's a little out of the norm. Even when it is covered up, whether for work or a social gathering, it is still on her body and the confidence having one is still reflected in how she acts. When the design is on display, it looks beautiful. The shoulder looks beautiful on its own, but a beautiful and well-placed ink can make it look that much better.

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Finding Good Back Tattoos For Men

I know that many people have a bunch of trouble finding good back tattoos for men. Sure, there is a lot of artwork out thee to choose from, but all most people see is the generic, cookie cutter artwork that has littered the web. This happens mostly because of people's reliance on search engines, which are very bad at showing us where the quality tattoo artwork is. There is a much better way to find good back tattoos for men and I will share it with you.

If you are fine with choose a random, generic tattoo, then search engines will be your best friend. That's all that seems to pop up. It's page after page of websites that have the same low end artwork as two hundred other galleries. They are just trying to stuff their gallery with as much art as humanly possible, so they aren't worried about the quality of the designs they post on their pages. This has become a disturbing trend and search engines aren't doing you any favors by pulling a lot of it up when looking for back tattoos for men.

This is also one of the reason people end up rushing their decision and end up getting tattooed with artwork that they don't even fully like. People will get tired of sifting through so much bland stuff and end up picking the first half way decent back tattoos for men that they see. This is a terrible way to go about choosing the tattoo that you will ink on your body.

While a lot of people will "still" end up picking tattoo artwork on impulse wherever they go, there is a way to find tons of quality back tattoos for men. You can do this by using internet forums. The bigger forums throughout the web are always jam packed with topics about tattoo art. It's a fantastic community, which can help you find out exactly where other folks are locating some of the great artwork the internet has to offer. It's a great way to find a lot of the superb tattoo galleries that search engines just aren't showing you. Looking for good back tattoos for men should be a fun experience and this should help you on your journey.

No matter where you end up looking for back tattoos for men, just make sure you take your time and don't settle on anything less than "exactly" what you want.

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Sumonrat Wattanaselarat

Sumonrat Wattanaselarat
Sherlyn Chopra Biography
Name: Sumonrat Wattanaselarat
Profession: Actress and Model
Birth date: 29 February1984
Height: 170 cm
Birthplace: Bangkok, Thailand

Sumonrat Wattanaselarat
Sumonrat Wattanaselarat
Sumonrat Wattanaselarat

Sumonrat Wattanaselarat (nickname Peemai which means New Year) is a popular Thai model who has appeared in commercials since age 16. She was ranked 78th sexiest woman by Thai Maxim. Pictures after the break.

Sumonrat Wattanaselarat
Sumonrat Wattanaselarat
Sumonrat Wattanaselarat