Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tattoos Looked Upon Differently If You Are Famous

Since I did a celebrity boom column bygone about Pink and she has 25 tattoos that I apperceive of, I anticipation I would accompany this up. Do you anticipate that association looks at rock-stars, athletes, and celebrities abnormally if they accept tattoos than a approved being is looked at. I beggarly for instance, Pink had 25 tattoos or added and if she wasn't a accompanist do you anticipate bodies would appearance her as trashy? Or booty David Beckham for archetype about bisected of his anatomy is covered in tattoos but back he is a acclaimed soccer brilliant he isn't agitated about them. And after the attractive Angelina Jolie, has several tattoos all over her body, would bodies appearance her as abject if she wasn't Angelina Jolie?

I abhorrence to accept that I feel like back they are acclaimed and accept bags of money that some bodies accord them an chargeless agenda to get tattoos and not be hounded about it. But we all apperceive if David Beckham or alike Tommy Lee wasn't as acclaimed as they are, they would added than acceptable be ridiculed about their tattoos and added than acceptable affected to awning them up.

So I anticipate this is aloof addition abundant archetype of how bodies appearance bodies with tattoos. If it is ok for your child's so alleged role archetypal to be covered in tattoos and not get fabricated fun of than what is the aberration of us accustomed bodies accepting tattoos? I alone don't anticipate there is a aberration except for the actuality that their job doesn't attending bottomward aloft if they accept a little or a lot of ink.

Tattoo Lettering

Though we often associate tattoos with pictures or symbols of particular objects, there is a growing population of tattoo lettering styles that reflect the written word. From bold words to statements to live by and quotes to admire, with or without accent images, tattoo lettering designs are increasingly popular in this modern day of self expression and style. Tattoo lettering essentially

Wrist Tattoo

This is a pretty tattoo, I like it a lot. Its a wrist tattoo, but it could easily be on a girls foot or anywhere else for that matter. Blue rose surrounded by free flowing vines, very nice indeed. Just change the color of the rose here and there and maybe add a little calligraphy inside the vines and you got a super hot wrist tattoo. Now days you have to be careful about wrist tattoos and other.

Megan Fox Tattoos

When it comes to megan fox tattoos most of us will pay very close attention. Rarely do we get to look at tattoos on such a drop dead gorgeous woman as her. But this tattoo, a quote from Shakespeare, we will all laugh at gilded butterflies, is both a deep thing to say and a very simple thing to say. This is one of the many ways which Shakespeare used with his characters to have them say what they

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tribal Bull Tattoo -Tips on Getting Your New Tattoo

So you've decided that you want to get a tribal bull tattoo. But where do you start? I can tell you that doing the proper research beforehand is a must. You are about to spend a lot of your cash on getting your new artwork. So you want to make sure that you get the piece that you like. This artwork is going to be a permanent feature on your body. Doing good research beforehand can make all the difference in the world.

I have a feeling you have done what so many others have done before you. Let me guess, you've gone to Google images to start your research. This isn't a bad place to get some ideas, but you need to keep in mind that everyone starts the research here and that means you run the risk of duplicating someone else's artwork.

If I were you I would check out one of the pay tattoo websites. These websites offer a wealth of advantages when it comes to your new tattoo. You can get access to a tattoo artist that does nothing but tribal tattoos. That artist can work with you to customize your piece so you're happy with the end results. You also get access to a huge group of other tattoo enthusiasts that may be able to help you out with any questions or concerns you may have.

Most of the best pay tattoo sites also offer reviews of local tattoo parlors. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you are going to a tattoo parlor that is both safe and reputable.

As you can see, you've got your work cut out for you when deciding on your new ink. Good luck on getting your new tribal bull tattoo!

Bull Tattoo - The Perfect and Fascinating Bull Tattoo Design For Men

Some tattoos, are suitable for men as well as women known as the unisex tattoos. However, few tattoos look good on either one of them. For women, designs like flower tattoos look good. The best for men are the bull tattoos. Since, the Bull represents a masculine symbol. It is always related to men. Bull tattoos are also related to zodiac signs too. The person wearing this tattoo is said to be strong, temperamental and impulsive. Hence, these tattoos are the best ones to explain your strong personality.

The head of the bull is one of the popular designs of the tattoo. The structure of the head is sharp and thus it helps the tattoo artists; to skillfully paint the art. The face is designed with a ring on the nose and with flaring nostrils that give an angry look to the face. Crescent shaped horns; cover the face of the bull. Each person has their own idea about the bull tattoo design. Some people, like the realistic appearance of the bull and others prefer a carton style tattoo. The carton style tattoo with the features of the bull is exaggerated. Here, the eye of the bull is painted in blazing colors of red. There are few people who design the head in such a way that it looks as though, it is bursting through the skin. Many tattoo designers, prefer this image when designing a skull.

Bull tattoos are designed as an action piece. Some of the action pieces of the tattoo designs are: charging on the target, running in sunset, trying to throw the cowboy; from the back of the bull, etc. The other new idea that has emerged is: the bull fighting inside or outside of the ring. All the good ideas lie inside you. The bull is related to the sun or the moon, in Hindu Mythology. The connotations associated with the celestial world can be used to design mythological bull tattoos. These tattoos are believed to turn their heads. The horn is meant to be half moon and the tip of the tail is displayed in the form of sun rays. There are countless unique designs of bull tattoo that fascinates the world of men.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Tattoos Women

Rib Tattoos

A rib tattoo can be one of the most painful tattoos that a person can get. Also that area of the body can be quite challenging for an artist to ink due to each person’s unique size, shape and natural curves. But, if an artist is properly found and a person has given the rib tattoo a lot of thought it can be pretty impressive. Just make sure that you keep a few things in mind. One, decide on

Skulls Tattoos

If you’re thinking about skull tattoos then this is a drawing you should take a look at. It seems a little strange and wild but I think I know exactly what I am looking at here. And I am pretty sure I am right this time. Remember the hunter type of aliens from any of the Predator movies? I believe the creature on the far left in this image, is that predator creature and that the other two skulls

Tattoos Design

This is a tattoo design that has it’s roots in the ancient Celtic pagan religions. A lot of people consider this to be an Irish tattoo design and the two terms are often used to refer to the same genre. When it comes to tattoo designs, one of the world’s most requested designs are Irish tattoo designs. There is no arguing about it. With its interesting history and the imagery of Ireland reflected

Fourth Station--Jesus Meets his Afflicted Mother

(From the Stations of the Cross by Brother Mickey McGrath, OSFS)

Fourth Station: Jesus Meets his Afflicted Mother

Leader: O holy Christ, we worship you, we adore you;
People: Your blessed Mother wept at the sight of your pain.

As your mother saw your bruised, bloody and scourged body, she thought of an angel that spoke to her over three decades ago. "Greetings, favored one!" the angel had told her. What favor was there in this? How could the crowds who cheered triumphantly upon her son's entry into Jerusalem now mock him? Her son had fulfilled the angel's words--he had lifted up the lowly, and he had filled the hungry with the hope of good things--love and trust in our eternal Maker.

"O Adonai!" she must have cried. "Come to the help of your servant Israel! Where is the promise--the promise you gave to Abraham and our fathers? Where is the promise you made to me, that my son would reign over the house of Jacob, and where is his kingdom that has no end? All I see is my beloved son, who suffers unspeakably. Why have you deserted him, O Lord, and why have you deserted me? My son will either die on the cross that he carries or die on the streets like a beaten stray dog. I beg you to come to the aid of my Son, my Lord, my rock, and my Redeemer."

Leader: Not only did the whips and spears pierce your Son
People: But each mark upon him wounded his mother's soul.

Leader: Let us pray.
(a brief period of silence is observed.)

Eternal God of power and might;
We so often think of you as "our Father."
But you are both Father and Mother.
As we think about how the Blessed Mother of Jesus
longed to cradle her hurting son in her arms,
and spare him his fate,
teach us in our most desperate moments
to be unafraid to cling to you
like a fearful child clinging to a mother's bosom.
May we always feel your nurturing love, O Lord,
even when the world seems turned upside down.

People: Amen.

Holy God,
Holy and Mighty,
Holy immortal one,
Have mercy on us.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Locating Tattoo Pictures and Photos As Inspirations For Your Own Tattoo Designs

When it comes to tattoo, the very first problem that you may encounter is what design to go for. This is just normal; its even good if you are considering it as a problem because that means you are giving it a serious thought and you would just do not want to be tattooed with something that you are unsure of. When it comes to your tattoo designs, forethought and careful planning should be involved. This is definitely not something that should be taken lightly. It may sound cliché but its the truth - tattoo is something permanent so do not get a tat design that you might regret in the future.

One of the best source of getting ideas from is the world wide web-the internet. There are literally thousands of choices available online that you can readily view just with the simple click of your mouse. When you google "tattoo photos" or "tattoo pictures", you will be seeing tons of websites that you might even find overwhelming. Of course, not everything is created equal. There are tattoo gallery website that offers high quality designs while there are some that are just lame or the cookie-cutter types. The latter are usually the websites that offer free designs that you can easily download and bring to your favorite tattoo artist. Do not fall trap to this kind of offer; they are usually of low quality and have been used by thousands of other people. In short, its not unique; they are just a bunch of flash tattoo art that have been used over and over again.

The best option for you would be to check out tattoo gallery that offers membership at a very affordable price. Read reviews and see what others have to say about the site. When you sign up as a member, you will immediately have access to tons of tattoo designs that are originally design by their in house tat artist. Be careful though as there are paid tattoo gallery websites there contains just a bunch of images and pictures copied from the internet. (Yes, I have encountered some). Just make sure that you go for a tat gallery that have been around for years and have been tried and tested by a lot of tat enthusiasts. In short, do you research when it comes to your tattoo.

Myanmar Model Photos: Thet Mon Myint, Jenny and Melody

Myanmar Popular Model : Jenny
Photographer: Min Khant Kyaw (Excellent King)
Designer : Iris (TYT)
Make Up : Kyaw Moe

Myanmar Actress and Popular Model : Melody
Photographer: Wunna Khwar Nee
Designer : Pyi Soe Aung
Make Up : Saint Saint ( Khin San Win)

Myanmar Popular Model and Actress : Thet Mon Myint
Photographer: Nyar Na (Professional Eye)
Designer : Ma Pontt (My Favourite)
Make Up : A Saine (Aung Aung Thaung Gyi)

Photos From The Bloom Magazine

Myanmar Model Photos: Swan Swan Pan, Khin Nan Htike, Thinzar Nwe Win

Myanmar Beautiful model: Swan Swan Pan
Photographer: Min Khant Kyaw (Excellent King)
Designer : Yin Yin Aung
Make Up : Zay Zay

Myanmar Pretty Model: Thinzar Nwe Win
Myanmar Beautiful model: Khin Nan Htike
Photographer: Naing Naing (R2)
Designer : Yin Yin Aung (Yupar Shwe)
Make Up : December Hnin
Photos From The Bloom Magazine

Myanmar Model, Aye Myat Thu with beautiful dinner party dress

Myanmar Popular Model: Aye Myat Thu
Photographer: Peter
Dress: Moegok Pauk Pauk
Make-up: Khin San Win
Jewelry : Tawin Thu
Photos from Bloom Magazine

Myanmar Popular Model Girls in White Wedding Dresses

Myanmar Popular Models and Actresses : Moe Yu San, Wutt Hmone Shwe Yi and May Kabyar
Photos From Bloom Magazine
Photographer : Unknown

Myanmar New Face Model, Htet Su Gadae with School Uniform

Myanmar Model, Htet Su Gadae is really cool and attractive with these Myanmar High School Uniform (White and Green).

Myanmar Model : Htet Su Gadae
Photographer : Soe Zeya Tun
Photos From Facebook

ေမာ္ဒယ္ ထက္ဆုုကုုေဋရဲ့ ေက်ာင္း၀တ္စံုုေလးနဲ႔ လွေနတဲ့ ဖက္ရွင္ပါ။

Myanmar Amateur Model, Yin May Thu's Lovely Outdoor Fashion

Myanmar Amateur Model, Yin May Thu is posing with her cute face and attractive eyes. She is trying to show off her beauty complexion and sexy legs by wearing strapless short fashion dress. This is a quite attractive outdoor photos of Yin May Thu.

Myanmar Amateur Model: Yin May Thu
Location: Singapore
Photos By Andrew See Ams Anm Photography
Photos From Facebook

Singapore Model, Burmese Girl, Mable Soe's Outdoor Fashion

Mable Soe is also one of the hot model girls in Singapore. She is a Myanmar girl and her Burmese name is Mable Ma Lwin Mar Soe. She has studied in Singapore Republic Poly. She is the youngest competitor in U Are the One Contest in Singapore. Her height and weight is 166cm and (44) kg.

Myanmar Model : Mable Soe (From Singapore)
Photographer: Unknown
Photos From Facebook