Saturday, January 26, 2008

Wow ! Peemai Sumonrat Sexy Show In TVinside

Wow ! Peemai Sumonrat Sexy Show In TVinside

21 year old model Sumonrat Wattanaserarat has the silly nick name Pimai which means New Year. Sometimes they spell it Peemai, which is ok I guess, just doesn't follow any standard for romanizing Thai names.

She has been modeling since age 16 in commercials and later appeared in a movie called Scary Hazing and another movie called Last Song. She said she had breast augmentation because she felt she needed it to improve her acting opportunities. Her boyfriend says he likes it and she thinks they are about the right size.

The writer in one of her interviews comments that she has a very young looking face but a voluptuous body. That appeals to a lot of people - duh. She's been very active since the breast implants, appearing in a lot of magazine shoots and various video. No mainstream movies though.

Perhaps those acting opportunities she was talking about are only in cheesecake videos where she runs around with her shirt open and stretches and bends into odd positions. That's acting, I suppose.

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