Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Printable Tribal Tattoo Designs

Printable Tribal Tattoo DesignsTribal tattoos are quite popular. I like to lay out in this Texas heat and not a day goes by where I don't see someone with a tribal tattoo, man or woman. Women can get nice delicate lines that make butterflies, flowers, horses,frogs, you name it, it can be made out of tribal. Guys tribal is usually more bold and the lines are sharper. Tribal can include practically any other design! That's the great thing about it. People get tribal all over. Arms, legs, stomach, chest, even on their head! I could never get a tattoo on my scalp.

I have some pretty awkward places for my tattoos. In between the fingers, inside my bottom lip. Most my tattoos are completely meaningless, then several have meaning. I wish I had stumbled across the printable tribal tattoo designs when I was first getting tattooed. Then my tattoos would have something that I wouldn't regret.

The worst thing about getting a bad tattoo is having to explain it. People always want to know why you got what you did and when you don't have a good enough answer they look at you like you are full of it...or weird. Covering a tattoo up can be hard, because some artists don't do cover ups because they are twice as hard because you are having to blend colors to make them practically invisible. Laser tattoo remover is even more expensive and I have been told that it hurts just as much as getting the tattoo.

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