Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Anne Curtis

Name: Anne Curtis
Real Name: Anne Ojales Curtis Smith
Screen Name: Anne Curtis
Country: Philippines
Birthday: February 17, 1985
Father: James Curtis (lawyer)
Mother: Carmen Curtis

Interesting Facts:
- Dream role is to play a mermaid
- Plans to take up law after highschool
- Studied at Angelicum College
- Has 8 siblings (Jasmin, Michelle, Thomas, Kate, Jamie, Louise, Emma and Jo)
- Fond of Julia Roberts
- Magic Kingdom is Anne’s first movie and favorite as well aside from Ika-13 Kapitulo
- Her first exposure was in a promotional activity of Batman and Robin, the one giving away promo items. She was only twelve years old then
- You will find in her CD rack the records of Freestyle, Destiny’s Child and The Corrs
- Kenzo and Issey Meyaki are just two of her favorite perfumes
- Track and Field and Tennis are Anne’s favorite sports. She used to play marathon back in Australia when she was in elementary.

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