Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cyndi Wang

English Name: Cyndi Wang
Chinese Name: Wang Xin Ling, 王心凌
Birthday: 5 September 1982
Horoscope: Virgo
Blood Type: O
Height: 158cm
Weight: 40kg
Languages spoken: Mandarin, Japanese, Hakka

Cyndi Wang (as 王心凌 (Wáng Xīnlíng), born September 5, 1982 in Hsinchu, Taiwan), is a Taiwanese pop singer. Her real name is 王君如 (Wáng Jūnrú).

To date Cyndi Wang has released 5 albums: Cyndi: Begin, Cyndi: Loves You (愛你), Honey (甜蜜慶功版), 閃耀 2005 新歌+節奏精選, and Cyndi With U (王心凌陪你).

Outside her music career, Cyndi Wang has also starred in various Mandarin Chinese dramas such as ‘Westside Story’ (西街少年) and ‘Le Robe de Mariage des Cieux’ (天國的嫁衣).

Wang has had previous contracts under the companies “Jungiery Star Pte Ltd”, “D Music”, “Sony Music”, and “Avex Trax”. Wang’s debut was at an Avex Trax competition in 2003. She also went to Avex Trax’s music studio in Japan to learn dancing and singing for 3 months.

Indulgence: Fruits
Actors : Mel Gibson, Sean Penn
Actresses: Maggie Cheung
Singers: Faye Wong, Suzanne Vega
Thing about herself: Her eyebrows, easy-going.
Colours: Black, white and green
Book: 24 Billies
Instrument : Piano
Season: Autumn
Place : Being home alone, “Listen to music ,do what I feel’.
Part of Body : Hands and waist
Hairstyle : Clean
Part of Face : Eyebrows
Biggest Dream : Holding a solo concert
Most Satisfied With : Arms and waist
Motto in Life : Anything is possible.
School : Hua Gang Yi Xiao (drama course)
Hobby : Eating Fruits

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