Sunday, April 10, 2011


Even though I decided to start my new "Latest Cravings" post series with wallets, they don't quite suit the main idea, since I don't CRAVE a wallet - I actually NEED one. The reason for it being that my last wallet was unfortunately stolen just last week... Luckily it had very little cash in it, and I quickly blocked my visa card. So while I wait now for my card to be reissued and sent to me, I'm picking my next wallet - cause' you've gotta have one! My previous wallet was from Accessorize, looking a bit like the red one from Aldo below, and it seems like I might go with Accessorize once again - their wallet designs appeal to me most. My top choice so far is mustard-colored wallet. I never liked that color much before, but, I guess, there is a first time for everything.



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