Monday, April 25, 2011

Samos Diary: Days 6-7

The most interesting moments of my Friday and Saturday in Samos were the EASTER celebrations (Easter is as important here as Christmas or even more!). They started on Friday night with a number of crowded processions carrying so-called "epitafios" - the cloths depicting the body of Jesus placed in festively decorated constructions called Kouvouklion. On Saturday, just before midnight, locals gathered in front of Churches for Easter service which was accompanied by multiple petard explosions (!!!) - the tradition I find seriously strange.

Unfortunately all this curious events took place outdoors after sunset and my poor camera failed to capture the moment in good quality. So instead I give you a set of pictures that could be dubbed "Samos Days and Nights" since they capture our "routine" on a regular day on the island: first a mass gathering at the central cafe at the square, a very late breakfast/lunch with Greek meze (appetizers), Ouzo with ice and one of my local favorites - grilled octopus, and, finally, a night out at our favorite club - appropriately called ESCAPE. To set the mood I've also enclosed a song which, in a way, serves as club anthem.

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