Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"True Blood" returns for season 4 in June

It's less than a month till "TRUE BLOOD" premiers its fourth season - on June 26 to be precise. Surely, all of its fans should be excited, and I kinda am too, though previous season seriously cooled off my sentiments about the show.
Not sure what happened there, the writers were taking to much drugs (read: drinking vampire blood) or what, but the storyline was a total disaster. Rather than having one central plot and a couple supporting ones like in 2 previous seasons, the show completely lost its footing, moving in a dozen different directions at a time, so much that it was almost impossible to keep up with the events. It pretty much turned into a slasher where someone gets brutally murdered or drenched in blood every 5 minutes - TRUE BLOOD indeed. I remember an episode where Bill first almost killed Sookie, than saved her, than they said goodbye forever and then they finished it off by having crazy monkey sex right at the murder scene. By the end of the season one just couldn't help feeling sick of Sookie and Bill, who suddenly lost all of his masculine romantic hero appeal - and considering those 2 are the central characters, it can't be a good sign... The season finale also left innumerable loose ends, so "Previously on True Blood" is a must-see before getting down to watching SEASON 4.
Of course I'm not giving up on "True Blood" just yet - I still hope it has something to surprise me with. After all, I started watching it not because I'm a crazy vampire fan (No "Twillight" for me!), but because of its "Sex, Drugs & Rock'n'roll" attitude and killer opening credits combined with obvious social satire on racism, segregation, religion fanatics and the like. But the latter was almost completely absent from third season, so, please, please, "True Blood," get better!

P.S.: I couldn't help feeling nostalgic about how it all began, so to give you a little feel...

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