Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cool Japanese Shirt Sleeve Tattoo Design

Cool Japanese Shirt Sleeve Tattoo DesignFor men, it is important to have a tattoo that is unique, different, at the same time cool. More popular designs include dragons, flames and skulls for sleeve tattoo designs. If you want something a little more different, don't go to these generic and common tattoo subjects! Why won't you get yourself a Japanese sleeve tattoo instead?

Cool Japanese Shirt Sleeve Tattoo DesignHere are some popular subjects of Japanese shirt sleeve tattoo designs:

Koi fish - Koi fish are beautiful and vibrant. They look great for sleeve tattoo designs! The contrasting vibrant oranges and deep blue water hues are perfect. Make your Koi fish tattoo three dimensional and with color... this way, it will really feel like the fish is about to pop out from your skin!

Cool Japanese Shirt Sleeve Tattoo DesignDragons - Japanese dragons sometimes look more fierce and vicious than their European counterparts. You can have a fierce dragon tattooed black or red in your sleeve. Dragons are mystical, magical, and the perfect symbol of strength and power.

Samurai warriors - Samurais are exclusive to the Japanese culture. Samurais are very popular in Japanese tattoo art and traditional art. They symbolize courage, strength and honor too. You can have a samurai tattooed on your sleeve, in honor of the beautiful Japanese culture.

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