Saturday, May 14, 2011

Octopus Tattoo Designs

Octopus Tattoo DesignsDeciding what tattoo design to choose is a very important decision, considering that you will have to live with that decision for years to come. To help you choose a design, you should first consider its symbolic value. One rare, but amazing tattoo design, is the octopus tattoo.

Octopus Tattoo DesignsWhen people think of octopuses, they attach the idea to values like grace, intelligence, wisdom, and adaptability. But to other people, it might not have any significance at all.

Squids on the other hand are believed to be mysterious. They are like chameleons in that they have the ability to change color and disappear when faced with danger. The squid avoids being preyed upon by blending in with the color of its surroundings. Since they do not have spines, they are called invertebrates. Invertebrates are known to be agile and flexible. This sums up the reason why many ocean lovers are amazed by the squid's mysterious beauty.

Octopus Tattoo Designs

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